Where is the app available?

Everywhere in Canada!

Is it available for Android or Blackberry?

As of right now, FreshPoints is only available for the iPhone. We are working out the kinks and perfecting the program before we expand to other devices, but you can stay tuned for any updates via our Facebook page!

Can you use FreshPoints with an iPod or iPad?

FreshPoints was built to be used with an iPhone and although you can use it with an iPod or iPad, you have to be a bit more patient with it. Since there is no auto-focus on the camera on either of these devices, make sure you are scanning in a well-lit room. Try your best to avoid any glare over the barcode and give the app an extra moment or two for it to register.


What is a promo code / referral code?

When you first create an account, there is a “Promo Code” field which asks you to enter in a username or promo code. Here, you can enter in one of two things:

  1. A promo code: This is a code we might give out to new users during a particular promotion.
  2. A username: If you are referred by someone, enter in their FreshPoints username and you will each earn 50 FreshPoints! You can refer up to 10 friends!

*If you are a blogger and would like to set up a promo code that can be used more than 10 times, email

Do I need a promo code or referral code to create a FreshPoints account?


Woops! I forgot my password… now what?

There is a link to reset your password from the login screen of the app. Once your email address has been confirmed, you will receive an email which will instruct you on how to change your password.

Will I lose all of my FreshPoints and content if I have to re-install or update my app?

No, as long as you login using the same username and password, everything will stay put.


What am I allowed to scan?

You can scan any purchased grocery item. A “grocery item” includes anything you can find in your standard grocery store such as:

  • Food and beverage products
  • Pet Food 
  • Household cleaning items: air freshener, bathroom & kitchen cleaner, paper towel, etc.
  • Personal care products: shampoo, toilet paper, toothpaste, etc.

What prevents people from scanning everything in the grocery store?

We have plans to evolve FreshPoints into a more personalized list-based tool down the road, so the more accurately you record your purchases, the more relevant the app will become for you.

Are there any limits for scanning? 

You can scan up to 50 items within 24 hours.

What is the lottery scan?

The lottery scan is what we call a “surprise and delight” that makes scanning more fun. Every now and then you’ll unlock a lottery scan that allows you to earn more than the base amount on your next scanned item.

I have been asked to take a picture of the product I just scanned. What are some tips to taking a great product photo?

  1. Capture the entire item in the photo so you can see the brand, the flavour, and the size. 
  2. Find some good lighting 
  3. Make sure the photo isn’t sideways
  4. Get rid of clutter in the background
  5. Take your time

I received a message in the app saying that I have reached my limit for product uploads. What does that mean?

There is a weekly limit of 100 new product uploads a week. Product uploads occur when you scan an item and the app asks you to take a photo of that product to submit to our database. Once you have hit your weekly limit, you are able to start uploading products again on the day of the week you uploaded your first photo i.e. If you uploaded your first product photo on Monday at 2:00 pm and you reached your limit on Friday, you can start uploading products again on the following Monday after 2:00 pm at the same pace you started uploading the previous week. So, if you uploaded 15 new products on Monday, you can upload up to 15 new products the following Monday. 


How long does it take to receive my reward?

Most of our rewards are digital and are sent via email, so you will usually receive it within two business days. Our physical rewards – this includes Esso and Subway – are sent via snail mail and can take up to a week or two to be delivered.

*If there is a retailer that offers e-gift cards that you want to see offered in our collection of rewards, email us at !


How often are the bonus offers updated?

The FreshPoints bonus offers are updated every Friday afternoon.

The bonus offer says I’ll earn 50 FreshPoints with this product but I only earned 25. What’s up with that?

We like to keep things interesting when it comes to bonus FreshPoints. For the most part, you will have to scan & rate the bonus item in order to receive the full amount of FreshPoints.

Who do I talk to about bugs or questions regarding my balance?

Email Maddie at and provide a description of what is going on along with your FreshPoints username.

Your monthly update on what’s happening behind the scenes at FreshPoints HQ! 

Barcode Scanner IconThe top 5 most scanned products:

1. Pop Tarts S’mores 

2. Premium Plus Salted Tops Crackers 

3. Tim Hortons Hot Chocolate Mix  

4. Kraft Original BBQ Sauce 

5. Honey Nut Cheerios 

The top 5 highest rated products:

1. Yoplait Strawberry Banana Yop 

2. PC Blue Menu Whole Wheat Fettuccine 

3. Barq’s Root Beer 

4. Lindt Swiss Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Bar

5. Black Diamond Mozzarella Cheesestrings 

Group of people iconOur top 5 superstar members:  

1. Winn

2. Vegie

3. Leslie

4. Hoor

5. Coco

Maddie’s Picks: 


What’s in the FreshPoints fridge: 


Your monthly update on what’s happening behind the scenes at FreshPoints HQ! 

Barcode Scanner IconThe top five most scanned products:

1. Nescafe Rich Instant Coffee 

2. Tetley Orange Pekoe Tea 

3. PC Creamed Rice Pudding 

4. Rooster Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk 

5. PC Extra Rich Hot Chocolate Mix 

The top 5 highest rated products:

1. Quaker Quick Oats 

2. Nestle Pure Life Water 

3. Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese 

4. Ferrero Rocher Chocolates 

5. Billy Bee Honey

Group of people iconOur top 5 superstar members:  

1. Jessie

2. Ken

3. Yoogle

4. Parker 

5. Leslie

The most interesting product discovery of the month: 

Bacon Frosting!

Bacon Frosting!

Established in 1983, Daily Bread Food Bank is a non-profit, charitable organization that is fighting to end hunger in our communities through food banks, meal programs, research, and education. Until the 31st of January donate just 375 FreshPoints for a $5 contribution in support of the Daily Bread Food Bank.  

I had the pleasure of speaking with Sarah from Daily Bread Food Bank who took the time to answer some questions about DBFB and what they do:

What is the overall mission or vision of Daily Bread Food Bank? Our overall mission is to fight and to end hunger in our communities. We do this by providing food and resources, mobilizing greater support, involvement and action as well as creating social change to reduce poverty through research, education and advocacy. Hunger is a symptom of poverty, so to make any real impact on hunger, we have to look at poverty first. It’s not that there isn’t enough food, it’s that people don’t have enough money to buy it.

DBFB depth of hunger

What are the most needed food items? Our most needed food items include baby food and formula, rice, pasta, canned fruits/meat/fish/vegetables, peanut butter, canned soup and stew, dried or canned beans/lentils, powdered or tetra pak cartons of milk. Any nutritious, non-perishable food that you would buy for yourself or your family is what we’re looking for.

( Food donations can be dropped off at your local fire hall or at Daily Bread’s main facility at 191 New Toronto Street )

Are there some statistics or observations you can share with me to give people an idea of what’s going on in our city? I feel like a lot of us see poverty and know hunger exists, but don’t really understand the severity of it. Numbers are hard – people often can’t see the people behind the numbers and sometimes it can seem overwhelming. But every little bit does make a difference. Last year, there were almost 800,000 visits to Daily Bread’s member agencies. That means we provide food for almost 67,000 visits to food banks a month. Our Food Services Training Program not only trains people to work in the food industry, it also means over 14,000 nutritious meals a month are made and sent out to hostels, shelters and meal programs across the city.

The Changing Face of Hunger 

Faces of Hunger

How can people get involved? We are always looking for volunteers throughout the year, although most of our volunteer opportunities are during weekdays, we have some evening and weekend events that require volunteers. People can check out for ways to support us. That includes, if people are up for it, organizing their own community fundraising event or food drive to support Daily Bread.

Show your support by selecting this redemption option within the FreshPoints app. 

Your monthly update on what’s happening behind the scenes at FreshPoints HQ! 

40% of FreshPoints members have already redeemed for at least 1 reward

icon of bar graphOn average, 2,343 new products are submitted to our database every week 

Barcode Scanner IconThe top five most scanned products:

1. Nescafe Rich Instant Coffee 

2. Tostitos Medium Salsa

3. PC Organics Tomato Ketchup

4. Arm & Hammer Baking Soda 

5. Kraft Crunchy Peanut Butter 

The top 5 highest rated products:

1. Heinz Tomato Ketchup

2. Goldfish Cheddar Crackers 

3. Nestea Lemon Iced Tea 

4. Hershey Chipits Pure Milk Chocolate Chips 

5. Big Foot Candy Original 

Group of people iconOur top 5 superstar members:  

1. Yuki * Holds 1st place for the second month on a row!

2. Coco

3. Momoko

4. Suzy

5. Amy

This holiday season we want to thank all of our wonderful members (that’s you!) by offering new ways to earn points so that you can get great rewards faster! 


With your friends!

photo (24)Refer 5 friends and earn a $5 gift card! Refer a friend and each earn 150 FreshPoints when they enter your username as the referral code during sign up. With just 5 referrals you’ll earn a total of 750 FreshPoints which is enough for a $5 gift card!

Over Facebook & Twitter! 

photo (25)

Let the world know that you earned a gift card with FreshPoints! Include @FreshPoints in a tweet or Facebook post about your reward and we’ll award you 25 FreshPoints!

That’s not all! Look out for promotion announcements later this month on our Facebook and Twitter pages. You won’t want to miss out!

Until next time,


It’s hard to believe that it has already been a month since we launched! Time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? We’ve had such a great response in the first month and have welcomed so many awesome members to the FreshPoints community that we want to share a little behind the scenes peek at what’s been going on.

In just one month…


Over 15% of FreshPoints members have already redeemed for great rewards 

icon of bar graphOver 10,000 new products have been submitted to our database 

Barcode Scanner IconThe top five most scanned products:

1. Kraft Smooth Peanut Butter

2. Campbell’s Condensed Tomato Soup 

3. Coca-Cola 2L

4. POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice

5. Quaker Instant Oatmeal Variety Pack

The top 5 highest rated products:

1. Hellmann’s Olive Oil Mayonnaise 

2. Tenderflake Pure Lard 

3. Dempster’s Whole Grains 12 Grain Bread

4. Life Natural Spring Water

5. Philadelphia Light Cream Cheese

Group of people iconOur top 5 superstar members:  

1. Yuki L.

2. Maureen C.

3. Jing D.

4. Laura F.

5. Anthony H.