Hey, you’ve discovered a new product!

October 14, 2012 — 2 Comments

Discovering a new product is a great way to contribute to the FreshPoints community; the more you help make FreshPoints better, the more we can make it better for you!  Here are some foolproof tips & tricks to help you take awesome photos that you and other FreshPoints members can be proud to share. Get in the habit of taking awesome product shots because soon we’ll be awarding bonus FreshPoints to members who submit the best photo!

1. Capture the entire item in the photo

Do your best to capture the entire item in the photo so we know what brand it is, what flavour and what size! This will help other FreshPoints members find the product on the shelf the next time they go grocery shopping.

2. Find some good lighting 

Make sure you have good lighting so that the image doesn’t turn out too dark but watch out for glare…sneaky sneaky glare. If need be, try tilting your grocery item slightly or smoothing out the packaging for items like chips. That should do the trick!

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3. Sideways photos won’t make the cut 

Double-check that your camera has registered that you are taking a portrait rather than a landscape photo to avoid submitting images which are sideways. Make sure the side with all the important information is facing you.

4. Get rid of background clutter 

Hold your item or stand it up in front of a solid background.  Sometimes that might not be as easy as it sounds, so try moving any distracting objects out of the shot that might be stealing the spotlight.

5. Take your time 

Slow and steady wins the race.  If you take a photo and then decide you can do better, simply tap the retake button and try again.  Get in the habit of submitting good photos because soon we’re going to start rewarding members for submitting the best product image.

Happy Scanning!


2 responses to Hey, you’ve discovered a new product!


    would be nice if we could donate our points to Food Banks Canada


      Hi Dee,

      That’s a great idea! We’re happy to hear that is something our members are interested in and we would love to be able to offer a donation to Food Banks Canada as a charitable redemption option!


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